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New mosaics Classic and modern floral for the walls of the bathroom

  • Classic and modern floral mosaics for the walls of the bathroom and shower designed and created by Vincenzo Greco
    The perfect amount of everything.


    1- A new mosaic design system with sizes chosen by you.
    Panels suitable for humid and shaped environments such as bathroom walls:
    4mm thin panels, to ensure a minimalist beauty,
    thick panels like partition walls with the mosaic placed inside to ensure charm and safety around you.

    2 - Mosaics with flowers and exclusive and personalized designs, with certificate of authenticity "Made in Italy" quality: "the most guaranteed there is".

    3 - High definition, Beautiful sensations of truly unique colors, brilliance and intensity.
    Marvelous works such as the great mosaic masterpieces of Ravenna.

    With my patience as an artist:

    1 - good and humble
    2 - my creativity
    3 - my news for you.
    They immediately give a very high graphic quality to the mosaic.

    Let me brag! "Attributes is wonderful goals" achieved by a contemporary artist
    to experience more beautiful sensations than ever.

What are the mosaics, drawings,
the colors, the right style for you?
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1 Modern bathroom wall mosaics
2 floral images on panels with classical figures
3 modern abstract mosaics on panel suitable for resisting humidity.

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Vincenzo Greco 

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