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Gold Tiles. Are you passionate about mosaics and wish to create unique and luxurious artworks?

Are you passionate about mosaics and wish to create unique and luxurious works of art? Then, the production of gold tesserae is perfect for you! In this article, we will explore the process of creating these precious tiles, straight from the mind and hands of a mosaic artist.

Base Materials
18k and 24k Gold: Gold takes the spotlight as the undisputed star. Gold tesserae are crafted using authentic gold leaf, sandwiched between two layers of transparent glass. This process creates a luminous and luxurious effect, perfect for high-end mosaics.
Silver: Silver tesserae can also be encased beneath the glass, creating an elegant and refined contrast.

The Creative Process
Gold Selection: The artist carefully selects gold leaf, ensuring the highest quality and brilliance.
Tesserae Creation: Starting with a glass block, it is cut into small squares or desired shapes. The gold leaf is placed between two layers of glass and fused together.
Cutting and Finishing: The tesserae are precisely cut and finished to achieve perfect edges.
Assembly: The artist arranges the tesserae harmoniously, creating unique designs and patterns.
Application: The gold tiles are glued onto the mosaic surface, bringing forth a sparkling composition.

The Vincenzo Greco Experience
Master Vincenzo Greco, with years of experience in the mosaic industry, offers a unique experience. You can reserve a square meter of gold for a trial and experience the wonderful quality of his tesserae. The reflected light from the gold and the feeling of luxury will leave you speechless.

Call Vincenzo Greco today and immerse yourself in the world of gold tiles for your most precious mosaics.

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