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Now here the mosaics for interiour house furnishings and for sacred and ecclesial coverings

The current production of mosaics for home furnishings and for sacred and ecclesial coverings, signed by Vincenzo Greco, recalls the ancient charm of mosaic with vitreous enamels and natural stones and marbles. Each tessera is unique and precious and generates an exclusive mosaic work of art, thanks to the soft natural nuances of the material shaped in a harmonious balance. Like an expert stylist and designer, Vincenzo Greco relates to the character and style of every sacred and domestic environment.


The artistic stained glass windows and mosaics of the master Vincenzo Greco are a collection capable of giving your furniture unique sensations, works of art capable of arousing strong emotions: splendid and refined, natural and romantic or austere and with a lively sign. The company production is a very complete and organized expression: from the artistic stained glass window to the marble, porcelain stoneware tile, for artistic coverings and floors, perfectly adaptable to residential uses or for public buildings.



Marble is a term that originally indicates "shining stone", certain assortments of vitreous enamels of handicraft production are - Natural gold, Silver, mother-of-pearl, platinum, Golden Crystal, Precious gems, lapis lazuli, etc ... - they are noble and valuable tesserae, rich of light and capable of naturally illuminating and embellishing any decor.

Since 1990 the Vincenzo Greco company has developed and designed various decorations and unique pieces. For the artistic decorations of domestic furnishings or for public bodies and for a rigorously austere sacred style; a specific study also for those who love a more



classic style;

Belle Epoque,
Poor art,
which draws inspiration from the marble rose windows of cathedrals; a style of interlocking, stained glass mosaics, leaded or tin-bound. The artefacts of master Vincenzo Greco recall classic effects, splendid sensations sought with love and passion.

This new studio is ideal for:

stained glass windows,
sacred decorations,
domestic environments,
bathroom furniture,
kitchens and living areas,
naval furnishings,
contract creations.
Important are the high performance and resistance to wear, works of art ideal for outdoor use, they resist frost, sun, humidity, trampling, etc.. artistic works that solve any type of design and placement requirement and the line of decorations matched tone on tone.

An artisan shop of production and online sales, offers exclusive projects, very high quality, meticulous attention to detail and excellent performance in terms of resistance and functionality. In this way, the Company strengthens its collaborative bond with planners and interior designers, constantly looking for innovative and personalized design solutions: Art creations, glass for doors, designs for stained glass, designs for artistic stained glass, artistic windows, sliding doors with stained glass, glass doors, artistic stained glass, online sales, glass for sale, colored mosaics, colored tiffany, modern artistic glassware, artistic stained glass for windows, sacred artistic stained glass, colored glass fusing, decorated glass for windows, decorated stained glass for cathedrals, interior doors, glass decorated for churches, chapels, cemeteries.

Call with confidence and without obligation for a free estimate, all at special prices, shipping and assembly throughout Italy.

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