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Mosaics for interior furnishings, floors, walls, modern and classic bathrooms wall coverings, abstract images

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I am “Vincenzo Greco”. I create mosaics for interior furnishings, floors, walls, modern and classic bathrooms for interior doors and windows, wall coverings, abstract images
and floral, Liberty style, classic, ancient Roman reproductions, colored false ceilings.

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Entering Vincenzo Greco's art studio, you feel the scent and magic of true MUSIVE art. Romagna flavour,
an extraordinary harmony of shapes and colors of Ravenna. A lot of passion for mosaic art is transmitted to the visitors of the laboratory.
In the accurate representation of the works, in the narration of professional commitments, in the care for educational and social themes;
after years of work throughout Italy and in the world, the proposals and projects are always full of artistic freshness. It is only in this extraordinary blend
of passion for his work and for the art of artistic mosaic that one can understand the relationship that binds Vincenzo Greco to the colorful sunny colors.
Vincenzo Greco creates the mosaics always following Experimental techniques and adapts them to the needs;
the ancient Venetian tradition of Made in Italy mosaic mixed with innovation and creativity. Colored mosaics made to measure and on specific requests,
in top quality paste, glued with tenacious and elastic glues, cooked over high heat for an unlimited duration over time.


Craft traditions with particular attention to the customer's wishes, spirit and purpose
   raw material extracted, shaped, molded and skilfully translated into art.
Venetian imprint, with the use of gold and silver, creations with polychrome marble tesserae and many other valuable materials
 (such as semi-precious stones, ceramics, granite, particular glass and enamels), artistic mosaics and micromosaics are produced with the
techniques, tools, patience, passion and craftsmanship of the past. Sometimes the mosaic also becomes an essential part of the
works in marble or bronze, a further synergistic destination between the various craft realities present in Vincenzo Greco's workshop.
The fields of intervention are wide and the subjects extremely varied. From environmental scenes, figurative scenes, ancient and modern ornamental designs,
 we move on to decorations for floors, coverings, swimming pools, tables.
Sacred and profane: areas within which trends, tastes, references and styles are released. How can we forget what role the mosaic has and had in the
figuration of classical subjects? Most of the dedicated ancient places are decorated with evocative mosaics of authentic beauty.
The ability to adapt to architectural and artistic styles of all kinds is inherent in the prerogatives of the craftsmen who are members of the Greco family, as a result
of careful training, based on long and meticulous apprenticeship practices. Mandatory path for the achievement of that technical skill
in the installation of the tesserae, more or less small and one after the other, within the work under construction. That work that looks like a painting,
 when observed from a great distance, and which reveals its true essence in perspective. It is the magic of the mosaic, that of the master Vincenzo Greco, capable of capturing.
Monumental, ornamental, decorative mosaics on any type of support, rigid or flexible, with the use of various types of useful and precious materials,
 masterfully composed within his charming art studio. Workshop full of art and passion, artists, architects, planners, designers in comparison with the mastery of
mosaic craftsmen and see the desired artistic expressions translated into refined mosaic works.

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