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Paintings and artworks Architects for luxury furnishings choose the artist Vincenzo Greco

After this severe pandemic Covid 19 "coronavirus" there is great need for harmony, beauty and art can save the world.

The art of luxury furnishings is an exclusive sector and it is rare to find truly unique and valuable furniture. In this regard, an artist, with his art, gives a high value to furnishings and environments (such as spaces in luxury hotels) essential elements for those involved in interior design.

Vincenzo Greco manages to bring just this: uniqueness and exclusivity, with products designed in detail that do not go unnoticed, maintaining elegance and personality.
The design of paintings, furniture and furnishing accessories aim to be integrated into the rooms thanks to the ability of the interior designer architects who can grasp all the nuances of the fine finishes chosen in the paintings or sculptures signed by Vincenzo Greco. Kitchens with a contemporary essence, vintage and light cabinets, refined tables and chairs, sofas and ottomans with refined upholstery.

Luxurious furnishings with a matched and harmonized aesthetic sense.
To furnish your home with taste, choosing to rely on professionals in the artistic sector can make the difference given their peculiar coordinated aesthetic sense: they can expertly insert the furnishing accessories in even partially furnished environments, to highlight a style or a taste elegant and exclusive in furnishing.
With his luxury works, the artist provides architects and interior designers with a sort of palette upon request, from which they can draw and find the perfect colors for their style.

It is very important for a professional to have a series of products available that can be synonymous with a brand, studied and designed with a strong artistic value.
Paintings and mosaics that are an elegant product included in the knowledge base of the architect, who, if the need arises, can use it as a sort of trump card, a joker to be included in his own luxury furnishing projects; useful for harmonizing all the elements to be furnished, to dare prestige, to dare that extra something with a quality and prestigious designer product.

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Vincent Greco